2019 Recipients

  • Nils Hakansson, Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering

    Project: Effects of Lower Extremity Blood Flow Restriction Exercise on Strength Generation and Interleukin-6 Levels in the Elderly
  • Hongsheng He, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    Project: Quantification of Motion Deficits for Early Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Parkinson’s Disease

2018 Recipients

  • Eveline Ndii Kalomo, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

    Project: The Role of Resiliency Among Older Adult Caregivers of People Living with HIV and AIDS in Rural Namibia
  • Rui Ni, Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Visual Perception and Cognition Lab

    Project: Effects of Racket Sports-Playing on Older Adult Cognition and Balance: Evidence from Cross-Sectional and 12-month Longitudinal Studies
  • Kyoung Hag Lee, Associate Professor of Social Work and Director of the Social Work Research and Evaluation Lab

    Project: Limited English Proficiency, Depression Literacy and Stigma, and Depression among Asian Immigrant Elders in Kansas

2015-16 Recipients

Graduate Students
  • Kadarla Vinay Kumar — Chemistry
  • Jessica Sullivan — Communication and Speech Disorders
  • Seyed ali Cheragh — Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Brady Patzer — Psychology
  • Dustin Smith — Psychology
  • Erin Gannon — Psychology
  • Heidi Marie Pontinen — Psychology
  • Inga Sogaard — Psychology
  • J.P. Plummer — Psychology
  • Samantha Jansen — Psychology

Undergraduate Students
  • Jessica Aldrich — Biomedical Engineering

Faculty Recipients of GRA Funding
  • Amy Chesser, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences
  • Vinod Namboodiri, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science received funding this year.